McEachran Homestead

"Offering a wine tasting experience for all your senses is the perfect way to welcome our guests to McEachran Homestead. As the only winery in historic Boone County, McEachran Homestead ‘s guided tours offer personal insight into the pruning, tending and nurturing of the vineyards and surrounding gardens. Our friendly staff at McEachran Homestead will offer your group a unique opportunity to sample a variety of cold climate grape and fruit wines. The McEachran Homestead is officially recognized by the State of Illinois as a Sesquicentennial Farm. The farm has 270 acres of corn and soybeans along with an acre of raspberries, and two acres of vineyard.  Our wines are handcrafted from our own fruit, in the 180 year old barn that serves as the tasting room as well.  Our picturesque setting makes for a perfect backdrop for a wedding or other special occasion worth celebrating!"


McEachran Homestead

  • Caledonia
    1917 Wyman School Road, Caledonia

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